sabato 21 gennaio 2012

Wait for sleep


Dream Theatre - Wait for sleep

Standing by the window
Eyes upon the moon
Hoping that the memory
will leave her spirit soon

She shuts the doors and lights
And lays her body on the bed
Where images and words are
running deep
She has too much pride to pull
the sheets above her head
So quietly she lays and waits
for sleep

She stares at the ceiling
And tries not to think
And pictures the chains
She's been trying to link again
But the feeling is gone

And water can't cover her
And ashes can't answer her
God give me the power to take
breath from a breeze
And call life from a cold metal

In with the ashes
Or up with the smoke from the
With wings up in heaven
Or here, lying in bed
Palm of her hand to my head
Now and forever curled in my
And the heart of the world

1 commento:

  1. Sulle tracce del loro ultimo album 'A dramatic turn of events' i Dream Theatre hanno intrapreso un tour mondiale con un megaconcerto che li porta a ripercorrere le principali tappe della loro strepitosa carriera. Il 21 febbraio al Mediolanum Forum di Milano

    (da Ulisse - Alitalia - Gennaio 2012)


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